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Summarize web articles using the AI


What is the story behind Alfred?
When I was a student I needed to read a lot of articles every day. And I can only imagine how many people are reading tons of articles every day for their work, their studies, or in their free time. 
So I launched the first idea on Kernal Ideas. I wanted to find an easy and quick solution for summaries.
The fun fact is that Marc-Etienne was launching the SAME idea, in the SAME month. 

So we've decided to join the resources, and welcome to AI Alfred.

First of all, what is AI Alfred? AI Alfred is an AI  tool that can summarize web articles for you, in seconds. You just need to copy and paste the web URL, or the text you want to summarize. 

Why this name? 

Do you love Batman? If so, you know the Batman butler Alfred. So you can think of AI Alfred as your best friend for summaries! 

I'll be waiting for your feedback about it! 



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