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Scraft is a writing tool that helps you organize ideas and craft better arguments


I always struggled with brainstorming, organizing, and expressing my ideas in writing assignments. Then, I came across the Socratic Method, a teaching method used by Socrates where he continuously asked quality questions to his students to stimulate and challenge their views.

So I thought; What if there was an AI Socrates who continuously asks questions when I’m writing? What if there was a tool to guide me develop, organize, and research arguments?

Introducing Scraft 🚀

Scraft is an AI-powered writing tool (free!) designed to train critical writing skills. It helps you practice crafting better arguments and expressing your ideas into writing.

Based on the entered topic, Scraft asks you questions and suggests relevant articles you can refer to. Additionally, follow our Plan-Draft-Write program to organize and express your ideas in a well-written draft, step-by-step.

This started as a small side project in January 2022, but it ended up as a full tool that took eight months of solo-development during my gap year. Hope you guys enjoy using it; I’m open to any feedbacks and suggestions!



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August 18, 2022

This is remarkable work! Great job. I poked around a bit and am impressed with the question ideation and also the short answers.

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