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Ignore the noise! Quickly see your keywords and links on every webpage.


Instantly see where your keywords and links are on every webpage.


You will be able to find your links and keywords easily now. Find where your name or brand is mentioned on a webpage or social media feed. Also easily find any links to URLs that you specify are on the webpage as well.

You can blacklist domains the highlighting is paused when on those sites. This is helpful if you're trying to highlight brand names, but want to ignore the highlighting when on the brand's own site (which would probably highlight everything).


The Problem

It's hard to keep track of all of your links and keywords when you're visiting an industry news site or forums. You may miss someone writing about your business, or pass over a link that someone has pointing to you.

Scrolling through endless social media posts is exhausting and impossible to digest everything.  I just want to find the posts that mention my product and company name.  This results in a lot of wasted time, which is why we developed Hiliter. This chrome extension will immediately highlight your keywords and links whenever they exist on any website you visit.

With Hiliter, you'll be able to save time by never having to search for your links or keywords again. You'll be able to scroll quickly and only stop on those areas that contain your keywords and links.


Who can benefit?

Marketing Agencies
It's an easy way for you to keep tabs on customer mentions

PR Firms
Keep track of client mentions in the traditional media and social media

SEO Specialists
Where are you mentioned?  Where are your links on a page?  Are they NOFOLLOW links? You can find and process this information much quicker now.

Target the important discussions and easily find comments about your keywords

Brand Managers / OEMs
Immediately see mentions of your products in articles and social media




Is this a SaaS product:
Free Version
Source code is available for free or purchase:


December 22, 2022

Works exactly as described!

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