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Finding a new job in tech is often a lot of soliciting and a lot of wasting time... What if, we cou


I was about to look for a new assignment when the idea of having to register on all the freelance platforms, having to talk to the salespeople of these platforms, having to repeat the exercise several times slowed me down and ... pushed me to create again :)

In fact, I only needed one simple thing: to receive offers that correspond to me more or less (by more or less I mean that I don't match 100% to the demand ... who could?) when I'm interested in one, I like it and if the feeling is mutual on the recruiter's side, he directly takes a slot in my calendar so we can talk!

That's how was born I thought that if it's useful for freelancers, it could be useful for employees too.

That's why is usable by everyone no matter the type of contract. I'm releasing the product today. Freelance or employee you can (must?) sign up!

The only constraint is to be part of the tech industry. Tell me what is missing, what you like, what you don't like! Be careful! Real offers are already circulating! Cheers!



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