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Toilet Journal is here to help you develop the journaling habit you've always wanted. We'd all love


Journaling is a great habit with many benefits, but achieving consistency can be a hard task.


Life often has a habit of getting in the way or you end up staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to hit.


Unfortunately, we also often waste a fair amount of time endlessly scrolling on our phones, even occasionally while on the toilet.


This is where Toilet Journal can help.


It's a guide journaling app that will allow you to develop a consistent journaling habit anywhere and everywhere, even on the toilet.


It includes:

  • Guided Journaling Prompts
  • Mood Tracking
  • Goals Tracking

All are designed to enable you to journal quickly and anywhere, even on the toilet!


The app will help make journaling a small but consistent part of your day. With these small steps each day you can begin reaping the benefits of regular journaling.



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