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A website testing platform for agencies and developers.


Koalati is a platform that ensures web agencies and developers deliver high quality websites every time.

Learn what to test, track issues and progress, scan entire websites to detect common problems, and collaborate with your team through the QA process.

Koalati is not just a pre-launch checklist, nor is it just another Google Lighthouse tool. It's an all-in-one website testing platform that's built for people who truly care about the quality of the sites they build.

Our checklist is the most complete and detailed website testing resource I've ever laid eyes on: it covers web basics, navigation, content structure and quality, interactive elements, responsiveness, browser support, design best practices, forms best practices, social media optimization, on-site SEO, security, accessibility, and even more based on the platform your site is built with (ex.: Webflow, Wordpress, etc.). And it keeps growing and changing as web standards evolve.

Plus, the checklist isn't just a checklist: each step comes with a detailed description explaining what to test and why it's important to do it right, as well as a short list of curated tools and resources to help you understand the topic and ensure it's done correctly on your site. If you're on a team, you can collaborate with your colleagues in the checklist, communicate via comments and bug reports, and see the checklist be updated in real time as others are working on it.

Not only is this great for working through QA faster, but it also allows project managers to keep an eye on the progress!

Finally, Koalati's automated testing module crawls and scans your entire website to find issues and potential improvements. This uses a slew of tools, both well-known and custom-made, such as Google Lighthouse, LanguageTool, Puppeteer, and more.

Results from the automated tests are grouped by type of issue and offer a detailed page-by-page breakdown so you can easily see what needs to be fixed or improved. Not everything has to be fixed of course, but it gives you a great overview of areas that can be improved.

If shipping better websites sounds interesting to you, you can start your free 14-day trial today on Koalati's website: https://www.koalati.com



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