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Kosy - Where remote teams work better together

Kosy is a virtual space for remote teams to work as if they were together in person.

HelpKit - Build your Knowledge Base with the ease of Notion

Turn your Notion docs into a hosted self-service Knowledge Base for your customers–no code requi
Artificial Intelligence

Power Tags - Automate tasks via your calendar

Your calendar already knows when and what you want to do. Execute those actions for you.

Norns AI - Personalization Insights for Lead Generation

Save hours of email personalization every day

Meetmonic - Greet your guests before you meet

Share an easy to remember, bookmark friendly meeting url that greets your guests for you.
Testing / QA

Mailisk - End-to-End Email Testing Made Easy

End-to-end email testing platform. You can receive emails with code and automate email flows.
Image and Video

BgSub - Remove the background from images by AI

Remove or replace image background without uploading the image
Browser Extension

Komodo - Screencasting with ease

Screencasting solution that helps you collaborate faster and share your ideas with people.

Free Email Signature Generator

Create a professional-looking email signature online with the best free Email Signature Generato

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